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T & C

Dear Guest,

We try our level best to make you happy as ever. We always aim for total comfort and safe journey. You are requested to understand and accept all terms & conditions. We while organizing holiday tours, take utmost care to make your holiday a memorable one. Thus we are not responsible for any loss, injury, personal harm, death or damage to any person or property which may be caused by or on account of any act of omission or default on the part of the management or employees of the company, arising from our normal selection or inspection process.

Definitions: In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

Company means Kokan Paryatan  

  1. Force Majeure means an event or circumstance not within the reasonable control, directly or indirectly, of Kokan Paryatan in its ability to perform its obligations/responsibilities regarding the tour including (a) war, hostilities invasion, act of foreign enemies; (b) rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power or civil war; (c) epidemic, explosion, fire, flood, earthquake or other exceptional natural calamity and act of God; (d) ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly; (e) riot, commotion or disorder; (f) any act or omission of any Government instrumentality; (g) a Change in Legal Requirements; (h) strikes, lock outs or other industrial disturbances; and (i) abnormal weather or sea conditions including tempest, lightning, hurricane, typhoon, rain and temperatures.
  2. Guest(s) means the person in whose Name or on whose behalf booking and/or registration is made for any of India tours organized by Kokan Paryatan.
  3. Independent Contractor means a person and/or organization selected by Kokan Paryatan to render services including transport, hotel, restaurant, sightseeing to the guest/s and/or to Kokan Paryatan. Independent Contractor is not an employee, partner or joint venture of Kokan Paryatan.
  4. Meal means breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or any other snacks supplied.
  5. Tour/s means any Indian tours – also referred as ‘domestic tours’ carried out within the state of India and World Tours also referred as ‘International Tours’ carried out in any foreign state organized by Kokan Paryatan.
  6. Tour Escort / Leader / Manager / Assistant’ by whatever designation called means a Person designated by Company to help / guide / assist the guest/s in & or during India and / or World Tours Organized by Kokan Paryatan.


Guest(s) Signature on the tour booking / Registration form:

 Guest/Tourist signature on the tour booking / registration form and /or payment of the initial registration amount shall mean acceptance by the guest in totality of the Terms & Condition contained herein:

Transport Policy:

  • All guest / travelling by air for domestic sectors are advised to carry the photo identification in the form of driving licence, election card, Aadhar card.
  • Seat numbers are allotted on the booking priority basis. Seats once alloted will not be change or rotated. (No rotation policy) There is a strict “no smoking”, “no alcohol” policy in the buses. If passengers are carrying any valuable items during the tour, Company advises the guests to carry the said valuable items with them when they leave the bus/ coach. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the Guests. The Company shall not be in any manner responsible or liable in case of loss of any items or baggage left in the said bus/ coach. The Guests to the bus/coach owner/operator shall reimburse any damages caused by the Guests to the bus/coach during the travel and ‘‘Kokan Paryatan” will not be responsible for the same.
  • We hire AC or Non AC Mini Buses or taxies depending on the type of the tour, itinerary and passenger strength.
  • If the number of guests booked falls below 7, then tour may be operated by mini vehicle / Car. Tour Escort would be Driver itself or in some cases we need to postpone or propone the tour or merge the tour in another tour.


There is mostly a pre-set Menu for meals depending on the tour program. Packed meals are served at some places .Company mostly serves vegetarian food along with few non- veg items. Company does not differentiate amongst the guest by providing a special diet. In case of fasting, the company provides meals as per availability at the concerned hotel, the guest/s have to inform the tour manager a day in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made. Apart from that if any different diet is required, the said guest shall make their arrangements for the meal at their own costs and consequences. No complaints/claims for refund in refund in respect of the meals shall be entertained and company reserve the right to change the menu and arrangements of the meals without assigning any reasons therefor.

Company or any of its independent contractors shall not be bound to serve non veg food items during en route journey and/ or en-route lunch halts for Indian / domestic sector. Company shall endeavor to select the best quality restaurants for en route lunch halts in terms of food.

Itinerary Changes and unavailability of Sight Seeing Places:

All itineraries are well planned. The company reserves the right to some times change the directions or slightly amend the itinerary or omit certain locations/sights due to unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances (Fire, flood, earthquake or other exceptional natural calamity and act of God, any act or omission of any. Govt. instrumentality, abnormal weather or sea conditions including tempest, hurricane, lightning , Typhoon, rain & temperatures). The company is not liable to compensate for any of the above mentioned / omissions including the train/coach routing. The said changes shall be intimated to you, prior to the start of the tour or on tour. If such alterations need any additional payment to be made then it will be collected from the guest on tour itself. In the event that a passenger/joining passenger misses out on any part of the sightseeing tour or any such tour due to delay on his part, he will not be entitled to claim refund for the same. During local or national holidays certain facilities such as museums, restaurants, sightseeing tours, shopping time may be limited or not available for which there shall be no complaints /compensations and/or claiming of refunds.


  • The company reserves the right to restrict, any guest having serious medical ailments, who may be troublesome for co-passengers from travelling from tor unless otherwise permitted by a certified doctor.
  • Guests who are/ or who have suffered from any ailments for which they have taken medical treatment and/ or have gone into checkup and/ or hospitalization shall join the tour at their own risk.
  • It is possible that the tour manager may be busy with work for making arrangements for rest of the group. Guests shall solely be responsible for any health related issue and arrangement of medical aid if any.
  • If any guest is suffering from any medical ailment and has concealed the same, company reserves the right to cancel the booking/registration of such guests on medical and/or other grounds without assigning reasons therefore.
  • In case of death of guest all the arrangements for transportation of dead body including procuring the death certificate, postmortem, repatriation of dead body and all personal effects/ property and insurance claims etc. shall be made by the accompanying guest or relative deceased. Company shall make all endeavors to extend any help but cannot guarantee the same. The entire expenses shall be borne by the accompanying guest or their relatives.
  • Special services shall not be given to any specific person in group tour. Company without committing itself or being held responsible in any way whatsoever, shall make reasonable attempt to accommodate the special the special needs of disabled travelers/senior citizens if informed at the time of booking. Most transportation services are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. A qualified companion at the entire cost of the disabled guest /senior citizen must accompany the guest who may need such services/assistance as the same are not provided by company to the other guest in the group.
  • Any kind of sports activities, adventure sports or any sort of activities undertaken by the tourist during the course of the tour ( Watersport, Parasailing, Cable car, Scuba etc. ) shall remain the sole responsibility of the tourist themselves. The company shall not be held responsible for any mishaps or accident of the tourist during the course of such activities.


  • Any damages to the hotel room, sight-seeing place, coach during the stay/visit/tour shall be the sole responsibility of guests. Hotel’s management/administration shall be solely responsible for all the service related issues of the hotel staff.
  • Single guest provided with single occupancy/single bedded room have to pay single occupancy charges (35% extra) for the full tour. Size of single room is comparatively smaller than twin sharing room and may be on different floor than group rooms.
  • Company reserves the right, without assigning reasons, to change the policy related to complimentary items, without prior intimation to guest/s. No claims shall be entertained in regards to non- utilization of complimentary items (e.g. complimentary A/C rooms in some cases).

Payment Procedure:

  • Bookings will be confirmed only after making 50% advance of the total tour cost. Company reserves the right to demand full payment from the guest in case the guest is booking the tour within 20 days from tour departure. All payments should be made prior to the departure of the tour. The company reserves the right to terminate the contract with the tourists if payments are not made as per the agreed contract / specified time limit. The 50% registration amount paid at the time of booking is a non-refundable and interest free amount. In case the guest is booking the tour within 15 days of the departure, the company reserves the right to demand payments by Demand Draft or Cash. In this case cheque are not accepted. Cheque shall be issued in the name of ‘‘Kokan Paryatan”.
  • Tour price in brochure is calculated as per rates at the time of printing brochure. The company reserves the right to alter the price due to changes in various taxes, fuel cost before the departure date. Such hikes must be paid in full before departure. All tour prices are exclusive of GST applicable from time to time.
  • If any guest/s wishes to deviate from the tour itinerary, the company shall permit such deviations at its discretion; the guest/s has to pay full cost thereof in addition to the tour tariff before tour departure.


All bookings for hotel accommodation / transportation are blocked well in advance. We are liable to pay penalties to all our suppliers / vendors if these services are not used as per the respective contract. In case after confirmation, if one wants to cancel his name, can do so by giving a letter in writing and deductions made in case are as follows :-

60 days before the tour departure 15% deduction from the tour cost.

59 to 51 days before the tour departure 30% deduction from the tour cost.

50 to 31 days before the tour departure 40% deduction from the tour cost.

30 to 21 days before the tour departure 50% deduction from the tour cost.

20 to 11 days before the tour departure 80% deduction from the tour cost.

10 days before the tour departure, no refund.

The company reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to its departure without assigning any reason. In such a case company shall refund the tour price paid by the prospective guests by “A/c Payee” cheque against receipt only & no compensation and / or interest shall be paid in any case.

If in any case, the tourist/guest is not able to participate in a particular tour due to any reason, the company may allow the guest to shift to another date of the same tour program. However, if at all, the company chooses to avail such an offer, the tourist must join the very next tour. If the guest fails to do so, then the company has complete authority to absorb the complete payment of the guest without notifying the guest of the same. The company will not take responsibility of providing reminders of the impending tour of the tourist.  


Company has appointed certain agencies to act as “Representatives” for tour booking purpose & advertisement of company . Company does not take any responsibility for tours, packages or services sold by these representatives, which are not published in the company brochure or managed by company. All payments made to or Representatives will have to be wide crossed cheque or DD only, favoring “Kokan Paryatan”.


  • Tour Leaders/assistants/escorts are assisting to the guest/s throughout the tour, they are not responsible for guest/s baggage or any kind of personal belongings. On the entire tour the guest/s baggage or any kind of personal belongings. The instructions and information of the tour, are to be followed in the group tours and tour leaders is not responsible for any instructions overruled by the guest/s and its consequences. The tour leaders/assistants/escorts have the right to amend, vary, alter, re-shuffle the tour itinerary on tour without assigning any reason to guest/s.
  • Persons, friends or relatives of the guest/s, who have not booked the tour shall not be allowed in hotel room, restaurants, coaches and sight-seeing places or for any activities on the tour
  • Additional facilities including laundry, telephone, mini bar, alcohol, beverages, food, optional excursions, excess baggage fees, shopping, paid toilet if availed by the guest/s have to be paid by the guest/s only before leaving the hotel or restaurant etc. as the case may be .
  • Company reserves the right to use photographs/ video clips of the guest/s taken on tour and/or given by the guest/s, for promotion of the company’s business without obtaining prior permission of the concerned guest/s.
  • Company reserves the right to refer the guest, on request, to prospective guest for promotion of company’s business.
  • Company reserves the right to cancel any tour without assigning any reason to the tourists. In such an event the tourists are entitled for a refund of the complete amount paid to the company against valid bill only. The company is not liable to pay any interest to the tourists whatsoever besides the actual amount received by the company from the tourists.

No Refund shall be payable:

  • For any missed/ unused services of the tour including the meals due to whatsoever reason.
  • Where full deposit is required to be paid in advance to the concerned authorities to enable company to confirm the reservation.
  • If services of the tour are modified, varied, amended, cancelled or not utilized.
  • If any guest decides and/or is required to cancel the tour due to any changes made in the ruled by the concerned government.

Complaints or grievances:

  • If any guest has any complaint in respect of services provided by any of the independent contractors, the guest shall immediately notify the same to the independent contractor in writing, and a copy thereof shall be handed over to the tour escort, to enable the Company to take up the matter with the independent contractor.
  • Any claim or complaint by the guest must be notified to the Company in writing within 7 days after the tour completion date. No claim notified to the Company beyond this period will be entertained and the Company shall incur no liability in respect thereof.
  • It is hereby declared that the amenities provided under the contract shall be available to the Company’s managers including tour escorts, employees, servants and agents but not to the independent contractors selected by Company.
  • In case of any dispute, our financial liability is restricted to a maximum 20% of the total package cost.


All disputes pertaining to the tour and travel related services conducted by the Company will be subject to jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.

Please Note:

  • Company reserves the right to publish the passengers’ photographs or group photographs taken during the tour without intimation or permission from the said passenger.
  • Goods & Services tax of 5% is applicable on tour cost.
  • Dormitory stay means 8 to 10 adults stay together in one room, separate arrangements are done for ladies & gents.
  • The company does not provide LTC ( Leave Travel Concession ) documents. In case of group packages we only provide a comprehensive bill (meals + travel + accommodation)of the total cost. If at all, the guest/s wishes to obtain any travel documents, the same must be conveyed to the company at the time of booking itself in the form of a written application with the complete list of documents required.